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Year 4

Year 4 Bikeability 09.10.18

Year 4 Bikeability 09.10.18 1

L6 Dodgeball Tournament

L6 Dodgeball Tournament 1 Grandpa Joe's
L6 Dodgeball Tournament 2 The Dodgers
L6 Dodgeball Tournament 3 Uncles United
L6 Dodgeball Tournament 4 Animal Squad

During PE, class L6 took part in a Dodgeball Tournament. Children decided on team names, discussed tactics and took part in a fierce battle! After 3 rounds, the tournament was decided by a final between Uncles United & Grandpa Joe's...Grandpa Joe's snatching victory at the death. Well done everyone, I thought you were all fantastic. 

A special mention to Zac & Charlotte who both won 'Player of the Tournament'.

Miss Sheriff's class visited The Word in South Shields to take part in a 'Greek Myths' workshop. We listened to the story of Theseus and the Minotaur before completing a Greek myth of our own. At the end of our visit we were able to have a look around the 'Monster Exhibition' and thoroughly enjoyed it!


As ever, the children of Monkton Junior School did us proud; their enthusiasm, behaviour and manners were impeccable! 

If it's hurting, it's working!

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L6 were looking super fit during their circuit lesson this afternoon!

Let's get physical...

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Greek Food Tasting!

Class L6 - Go Noodle!

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A little something we like to do to incorporate physical activity into our school day. We are without doubt the best movers in school!
Class L6 attended a multi-skills event at Temple Park Leisure Centre this morning. The children took part in a variety of exciting activities and thoroughly enjoyed their morning. A special mention to 'Monkton A' who won their mini-league and were crowned Year 4 Multi-Skills Champions! 
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