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Who's Who

Senior leadership team

Miss L.Heathfield - Acting Headteacher (English lead teacher, SENCo and Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Mrs H. McCullough - Acting Deputy Headteacher (Deputy Safeguarding Lead)


Teaching staff

Miss N. Graham - Class teacher U1/Year 6 (Science, History and Geography lead teacher)

Mrs H. McCullough - Class teacher U2/Year 6 (Mathematics, RE and Computing lead teacher)

Mr G. Ayres - Class teacher U3/Year 5 (Mr Ayres is new to our school in September 2017!)

Miss V. Sheriff - Class teacher L6/Year 4 (PE and PSHE lead teacher)

Miss R.Lee - Class teacher L5/Year 4 (Miss Lee is new to our school in September 2017!)

Mrs A Ford - Class teacher L7/Year 3 (Modern Foreign Langauges and Assessment lead teacher)

Mrs L. Gray - Class teacher L8/Year 3 (Music, Art and Design Technology lead teacher)

Mrs V.Warren - Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages


Support Staff

Mrs S. Morgan - Teaching assistant Year 6

Mrs J. Wareham - Teaching assistant Year 5 and Special Educational Needs support

Mrs P. Kerr - Teaching assistant Year 4

Miss K. Liddle -Teaching assistant Year 4

Mrs J. Henderson - Teaching assistant Year 3


Office staff

Mrs S. Thompson - Office manager (part time)

Miss K. Anderson - Office secretary (part time - Miss Anderson is new to our school in September 2017!)


Housekeeping staff

Mr R. Kerr - Caretaker

Mrs A. Peterson - housekeeping

Mrs S. Lane - housekeeping


Lunchtime supervisors

Mrs M. Mohammed

Mrs A. Grieves

Mrs C. Rutter


School Cooks

Mrs P. Flemming

Mrs A. Jenkins

Mrs M. Sands

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