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Monkton Junior School – Funding Agreement and Articles. Value for money statement.

Monkton Junior School Current Self Evaluation

School Development Plan 2016/17

Pupil Premium Expenditure
Last financial year (15/16) Monkton Juniors received £104,000.00 as payment for the pupil premium, as with previous years, the funding was spent in several ways including keeping class sizes in Y3, Y5 and Y6 smaller, an increased time for our children who had a specific need and continued support for our highest need children. Where needed one to one support for specific children and small group booster work to be sure of the best possible outcomes for all of our children, this involved a significant amount of one to one and small group work by a teacher. Access to technological advances has always been a significant priority for school, therefore an online literacy and numeracy programme was purchased for specific children to access. In addition, new and exciting educational trips were arranged for school, inlcuding a week long, heavily subsidised camp to Thurston ( South Tyneside Outdoor Education Centre ).Costs of all pupil premium related activity £105,054.

Financial year 14/15 Monkton Juniors received £119,000.00 as payment for the pupil premium. This helped towards the costs of the many aspects of additional support that school provides. Including, reducing class size, one to one tuition, special educational needs high and highest support, technological developments so that Monkton Juniors children have access to the same technology as other schools and resourcing. On top of this curriculum enrichment, which included forest school trips, school trips, visiting theatre groups, actors workshops and after school clubs also benefitted by this funding.

Pupil Premium received 2013 / 2014 school year  £79,200.00

Costs of all pupil premium related activities          £80,000.00


As a result of pupil premium and other investments in education by the Academy, children have benefitted directly by :
Receiving a broader curriculum experience in technological, cultural, moral and health education.
Improved attendance.
Good attainment and progression based upon our entry baseline.
Specifically we can see that the difference in attainment for our free school meal and non-free school meal children is small when Mathematics, Reading and Writing are looked at together.

Everybody Matters

Sports Funding Expenditure. (£8,500)
This year school has received some additional funding known as the sports premium. This funding is intended to support us in the development of sport. So far school has used this funding to:
(i) Access training in sport and PE ( a service developed by Mortimer College and Boldon School )
(ii) Give year groups additional high quality sports coaching.
(a) Year six, Aussie rules football, we participated in a project designed to support school
children in India to learn how to play Aussie rules football using rules and regulations
written by our children.
(b) Year five have accessed basket ball coaching, working with Newcastle Eagles.
(c) Year five have accessed tag rugby, in conjunction with Westoe Rugby Club.
(d) The children were able to access a dance class.
(e) School has joined a football league.
(f) A school cricket wicket is under development.
Still to come.
(iii) Outdoor and Adventurous activities in the summer term.
Monkton Junior School does not charge for after school activity, the costs are bourne by the Academy, we believe it is our duty to enable as many children as possible to access after school activity, be it academic or non-academic.

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