Mission Statement

We aim to provide our children with the experience of being an important part of a loving, caring community. Within the framework of this community we are dedicated to the development of the full potential of each child through the provision of a broad balanced curriculum.

Everybody Counts.

The Academy provides a broad balanced and enriched curriculum in accordance with our Funding agreement signed by the Academy and the Secretary of State for Education.

Each year group studies Mathematics, English and Science as discrete subjects but has a greater degree of flexibility for teaching of the Foundation subjects which include, History, Geography, French, Art, Design Technology, Physical Education, Music, ICT and Religious Education.

Monkton Juniors has a reading scheme which has been developed over many years. The Academy does not stick to one approach and uses a combination of real books ( mostly graded by the children themselves ) and books from structured schemes. In addition to this, if school detects an issue with a group of children or individual child, a thorough phonic check is undertaken and once specific needs are identified they are addressed through an individualised approach with a scheme called Wellington Square and an adaptive software based reading program called Lexia.



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