Welcome to Monkton Junior School

Positive Libertas

Welcome to Monkton Junior School’s website. As well as dedicated teams of teachers and support staff, over the years Monkton Junior School has had several Head Teachers, Mr. Thornycroft, Miss Bell, Mr. Coyne and Mrs. Judd. The current Head Teacher is Mr. Johnson.

The common theme across the years has been that of encouraging hard work, discipline, a caring attitude to all others, striving to do your best and very importantly being happy.
Whilst league tables do not reflect even a small percentage of the work that goes on in schools, the children have consistently performed well in national tests.

Our real work is often unnoticed and unrecognized by national government because it cannot be written out in a chart or reported easily in a table.

Primary school education has historically been seen as the time when a child can be given a rounded education, we believe firmly in more than just academic output, children are after all just small adults needing guidance on many aspects of life not just the academic ones.

As set out in our mission statement, the values that we look to instill in our children are those that can be termed as not only inherently British, but as internationally acceptable to all.

1. To ensure that the pupils experience of school life is such that it provides a formative and significant influence on their understanding of relationships.

2. To create a positive interaction between home and school thus providing an environment in which the child will flourish

3. To ensure that the curriculum provides a Christian setting in which the children can grow in understanding and can acquire positive attitudes and values

4. To share care, concern and respect for all members of the school family and the local and wider community.

5. To develop the whole child through a wide and varied curriculum delivered through a range of teaching styles and environments.

As we continue more deeply into our Academy phase, we will look to develop our curriculum even more, making it ever more relevant to the children and families we work with.


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